Eröffnung am 8. Juli 2021


In order to deliver a full experience, we need to know before hand wether you have any allergies or food restrictions that we should know about. If you didn't expecify on this matter when making your booking on-line, please contact us here

Some of the dishes may content: raw fish or meats, fish roe, shellfish, oysters, offal (brain, kidney...) and intense flavors such as fish liver, or hot spicy food. For those people who eat no raw fish or meat, we can adapt our menú in terms of cooking food throughout but it would be really difficult to offer alternative dishes. If you don't eat seafood or meat, we recomend to book in our restaurant BISTRÓ EL JARDÍN, where you can order 'a-la-carte'.

maca de castro thanks you for boking with us and sends you kind regards.